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E-Skate Kompaniet was created in early 2018 as the result of years of passion for electric skateboarding. The reason for this was that we saw several problems with the Swedish market for electric skateboards. A lot of products simply weren’t available, and had to be ordered from abroad, creating a hassle that often included unforeseen shipping and customs costs. Products that were available were often sold by companies without any people that actually used them, which meant that they often couldn’t provide good advice when it came to choosing which board to get. And customer service was often non-existent, and when it did exist, it often took several weeks to make things right. The solution to this was E-Skate Kompaniet: a physical location where people can test out different products for real, with a workshop that can handle most service issues, all run by people with real experience of the products that are sold.

It didn’t take long for other types of electric rides to join the skateboards that started it all, and E-Skate Kompaniet became what it is today. We are still growing, and are constantly on the look-out to expand our catalogue with new products that represent the very best of what the market has to offer. Our priority going forward, as it was from the very beginning, is to have the happiest customers that we can possibly have. We do this by providing honest advice before the point of purchase, and to provide help and support for our customers after the product is in their hands.

We love electric rides. For so many different reasons.

  • It's fun

    This one speaks for itself. The thrill of accelerating and feeling the wind against your face is irreplaceable, and you end up exploring so many places you would otherwise never have gone.
  • It's convenient

    Need to take your ride onto the bus or subway? No problem. Need to bring it into the office? Easy. You'll never have to worry about finding parking ever again.
  • It's green

    Electric rides can easily replace so many of the vehicles that emit greenhouse gases, warming the planet and polluting the air. Going electric is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint.

We have a low tolerance for low quality.

  • We test all our products

    We have a deep disdain for things that fall apart after a few weeks of use. We consider buying an electric vehicle an investment that should last for a long time, and you should know exactly what to expect once you start using it. That’s why don’t sell any products that we haven’t personally tested – we want to be sure that the product does what it promises, and that it is reliable and durable.
  • Warranties on all rides

    In the process of curating our catalogue of products, we have tested loads of rides that just weren’t good enough, or that underperformed in relation to what was promised. This means that what we do sell consists of some of the best stuff on the market today. This is also why all of our electric rides are able to come with warranties.

We are humans.

  • Honest advice

    We are real people, with real experience when it comes to the products that we sell. As such, we are able to give honest advice tailored for the specific needs of each and every customer. Different people like riding on different types of terrain, or might need to know how a ride handle different kinds of weather conditions. There are questions that spec sheets can’t always answer, and we are happy to share our knowledge and experiences with those that need to know more.
  • Real support

    We don’t disappear after you purchase something, either. We see the customer experience as extending beyond the point of purchase to when the product is actually being used, and we are here to help if something goes wrong, or if someone just needs some advice about something they’ve bought.