Laws and Safety

Going for a ride on an electric vehicle involves risks, and there are precautions you can take to stay safe and out of trouble.

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Safety information

  • Protect yourself

    Always wear a helmet, and strongly consider additional protection gear when going for a ride.
  • Be cautious

    Remember that electric rides can lose power and brakes may stop functioning at any time due to low battery or malfunctions.
  • Take it easy

    Riding in faster speed modes on an electric ride is associated with higher risks of injury. Only ride at high speeds when you feel extremely comfortable riding at lower speeds.
  • Stay sober

    Never go for a ride if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Slippery when wet

    Not all electric rides are water resistant, and riding in wet conditions may void certain warranties. Be aware if your ride can take the rain or not. Even if it can, wet surfaces can sometimes decrease the control you have of your ride, and riding at lower speeds may be advisable.
  • Maintain your ride

    You are responsible for the maintenance of your ride. Regularly check screws and nuts to make sure everything looks and feels like its supposed to in order to ensure that it is fit for riding.
  • Don’t do acrobatics

    Don’t jump off your ride, or ride off high gutters and curbs. Don’t smash your ride into hard objects. Don’t drop your ride on the ground. Handle it with care and respect.
  • Be careful downhill

    Risks of injury increase when riding down hills. Keep in mind that malfunctions may cause brakes to fail, and that this can be dangerous when riding down steep hills. Don’t ride down steep hills that you would not be able to handle without using brakes.

Legal information

  • Laws

    The legality of many electric rides on public roads in Sweden is currently in a grey zone, as there is no legislation that specifically covers many of these vehicles. The clear legality of a vehicle can come down to the motor power of the vehicle, the top speed, or other factors. This means that not all of the electric rides that we sell are strictly street legal.
  • Check with your local authorities

    You are responsible for where and how you choose to use the products that we sell. If you want to be certain whether or not it is okay to ride a certain electric vehicle in your area, check with the local authorities before you hit the road.