Evolve Carbon GT 2-in-1

21,590 kr

This is an Evolve Carbon GT All-Terrain board that comes with a street conversion kit, so that you can switch between the all-terrain and street setup right from the start.

A dual-motor board built with a beautifully designed carbon fiber deck, the Carbon GT raises the bar when it comes to creating high-tech carving machines. Stable at high speeds and able to manage tight turn, this is a board in a class of itself.

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This board features an F1-inspired deck that encases the battery and electronics in high-grade Carbon Fiber, with Kevlar reinforcements. The twin sensored brushless motors combine to produce 3000 watts of power, and the battery provides a range of up to 50 km with street wheels, and up to 30 km with All-Terrain wheels. The low profile of the deck sits on top of a custom designed truck system that provides great control and stability when riding. The Carbon GT offers four different riding modes that allow all levels of riders to enjoy the board safely. Use the SLOW mode for easy control and a safe top speed, the ECO mode for a relaxed ride and unparalleled range, the FAST mode to whizz past traffic and turn your commute into a daily adrenaline rush, and the GT mode to unleash insane power and acceleration with the ability to climb hills of up to 25% gradients. The board comes with the new Evolve R2 Remote, which gives you instantaneous feedback on your speed, battery level, range, and mode selected with a built-in screen, right from the palm of your hand.


Deck material: High-grade custom moulded carbon fiber and Kevlar
Deck length: 102cm
Wheel base: 85mm
Trucks: Black GT Super Carve 306mm
Wheel compatibility: 83-107mm, All-Terrain
Motor: 3000 watt
Bearings: Abec9 Evolve Speedballs Precision Bearings
Battery: 36 Volt 10AH Lithium Ion with custom BMS
Recharge: 4-5 hours, 3 hours with fast charger
Weight (Street setup): 7.9kg
Weight (All-Terrain setup): 9.5kg
Range (Street setup): Up to 50km
Range (All-Terrain setup): Up to 30km
Top speed (Street setup): 36-42 km/h, up to 47 km/h with larger street wheels
Top speed (All-Terrain setup): 36-42 km/h
Max load: 100 kg
Suitable terrain (Street setup): Smooth and hard surfaces (tarmac, bitumen, concrete)
Suitable terrain (All-Terrain setup): Hard or compact surfaces (short grass, dirt, uneven or poor surfaces)
Hills: Up to 25% gradient
Braking: ABS firm and smooth braking that can bring the board to a complete stop


This board is covered by a 2 year warranty. Assuming normal and proper use, the warranty covers faults that may arise in the deck, battery, internal electronics, motors, trucks, and remote.

Items that are not covered by the warranty that may need to be maintained or replaced include the wheels, drive gears, drive belts, bearings, and griptape.