Evolve GTR R2B Bluetooth Remote

1,390 kr

The latest Evolve remote, compatible with the GT Series, the GTX Series, and the ONE Series.

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The GTR R2B Remote features technology which allows the rider to intuitively control the skateboard in any riding situation. The GTR R2 magnetic trigger control functions along with the Bluetooth commucation to give a precise and safe control over the skateboard. A great amount of design consideration has gone into the look and feel of the remote to ensure that the riding experience is of the highest quality. This product does not work with older Evolve models like GT or Gen1-2 boards.


Magnetic trigger controls for smooth acceleration and braking
LCD digital screen giving real-time riding data such as speed, distance, and board diagnostics
2.4G communication
Programmable Safety/Deadman switch
4 Speed modes (GT, FAST, ECO, SLOW)
Ergonomic design with a rubber over-mould for ultimate hand comfort