Demos & Rentals

Try before you buy, or rent something for the weekend. All of the products that we sell are also available to take for a ride.

Try Rent

Try out an electric ride

At our store in Stockholm, you’re able to try out all of our electric rides to get a better feel for how they work. You can take them for a quick ride free of charge, as long as you have a valid ID that we can borrow while you are testing the ride.

Please note that rental bookings mean that some rides are not always available to test. If you want to be 100% sure that you will be able to test a certain product, we recommend you contact us directly to book a rental.

Products currently available for testing

Evolve Bamboo Series ONE
Evolve Bamboo GT (Street/All-Terrain)
Evolve Bamboo GTX (Street/All-Terrain)
Evolve Carbon GT (Street/All-Terrain)
Booster V Scooter
Inboard M1


*We also have the Onewheel+ XR for sale, but not for testing. However, the Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR feel the same to ride, as the only major difference is the size of the battery and range. This means that testing the Onewheel+ gives you an accurate idea of how an XR feels to ride.

Rent an electric ride

If you want to test something for more than a few minutes, or just want to enjoy a nice ride, you can rent any of our rides from our store in Stockholm. If you later decide that you want to purchase a ride from us, the rental fee is deducted from the price of the ride.*

You can either drop in to rent when the store is open, or you can contact us directly to book one or more rides from a specific time. As we have a limited number of rides, we recommend that you book ahead of time in order to make sure that the rides you want to rent will be available.

Rental fee per ride

Up to 1 hour – 345 SEK
1 to 2 hours – 495 SEK
2 to 4 hours – 595 SEK

*The deduction of the rental fee when purchasing a ride is up to a maximum of 595 SEK.

**If you rent for an entire weekend, you will also get to take along chargers for the rides. If you want to rent for a weekend, you need to contact us ahead of time in order to establish pickup and drop-off times. NOTE: Not all of our rides are water resistant, and some cannot be ridden while it is raining. Please bear in mind that even if you have booked ahead of time, wet weather conditions means that a booking may need to be cancelled at short notice if it is highly probable that it will rain. This does not apply to weekend rentals, as then it is the responsibility of the rider to make sure not to ride in rain.