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Please fill in this support form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you bought something from us, and the issue is covered by a warranty, we will eventually need to see a receipt of purchase in order to handle the issue as a warranty case. If you bought your product in-store, that’s the physical receipt you received. If you bought your product online, you can reference the order number of the e-mail you received when the order was completed.

If the issue is not something covered by a warranty, or if you didn’t purchase the product from us, we also want to help – we have plenty of spare parts available and the expertise to fix most of the issues in our workshop. Let us know what the issue is, and we will get back to you and let you know whether or not we can fix it, and whether or not a fee is applicable.

Our goal is to solve all problems in our own workshop, and in most cases, that’s what happens. However, in some cases for certain products, we need to send things away for repair at other locations. In the unlikely event that this happens, please be aware that the service will take a bit longer to be completed. In either case, we’ll communicate how we’ll proceed as soon as we know what the issue is.

Frequently asked questions

I've got an All-Terrain board. Do I need to pump the tires?

Yes! While new tires come with the right amount of pressure, the pressure in the tires will gradually decrease as you ride the board. Every now and then, you should use a regular bicycle pump to make sure the wheels are at the correct pressure. Generally, the wheels should be pumped to 3.5 Bar, but you should double check the text on the tire to be completely sure.

Is an Evolve skateboard waterproof?

No. While the boards can and do tolerate wet conditions to a certain extent, they are not designed to ride in the rain or on wet roads. If water comes into contact with the electronics inside the board, it can damage crucial parts and stop the board from functioning. If this happens, it will be necessary to replace the motor control cards in the board, and in rare cases, the battery may also need replacement. While it is possible to fix a water-damaged board and get it back on the road again, damage to the skateboard caused by water is not covered by the warranty.

More frequently asked questions coming soon.

Frequently asked questions coming soon.

Frequently asked questions coming soon.